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How FABAPC® Works

We are an eCommerce Global Collaborative initially founded in Shenzhen city, the ‘Hollywood of Hardware’. Our collaborators are MarketMakers, Market Developers, Creatives, Industrial Designers, Digital Content Developers, Software Developers, Manufacturers, Makers, MakerSpaces, Hackers, Hardware and Tech experts that are innovators in their fields. 

Join Our FABAPC® Collaborative

What is Collaboration? Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business and/or social benefit. The FABAPC® Collaborative is changing the way people work, we are continuously innovating to make it faster and easier to get your product and or service to market. Making products & services smart delivers game-changing innovation, enriches customer experiences and achieves new across-the board levels of efficiency. 

Collaborator Dashboard

The FABAPC® collaborator’s dashboard integrates seamlessly with our FABAPC® collaborative shared workspaces. FABAPC® collaborative workspaces are among the most visible, modern, well appointed globally, key locations and facilities within the emerging Pearl Delta Greater Bay area of  China.

The ability of FABAPC® to delivery both online and offiline enables our collaborators to leverage and benefit from existing assets to enhance & drive their businesses.

Collaborative Management

FABAPC® Collaboration enables us, as individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose. It exists in two forms: • Synchronous, where everyone interacts in real time, as in online meetings, through instant messaging, or via WeChat / Skype. Asynchronous, where the interaction can be time-shifted, as when uploading documents or annotations to shared workspaces, or making contributions to a wiki.

Ready To Start Collaborating?